Christian Life Coach Training & Marriage Coach Training

Christian life coach training for people who want to train as a life coach with an experienced trainer who approaches life coaching from a Biblical perspective.

Our life coach training isn’t just for people who want to set up in business as a life coach.

If you are a mentor, pastor, lay leader, counselor or life coach and you want to add Biblical life coaching skills to your business or ministry then this effective yet affordable Life Breakthrough Coach Training is for you.

You can be become a professional fully trained and Certified Life Breakthrough Coach™ or a Certified Marriage Breakthrough Coach™ from the comfort of your own home, wherever you live in the world.

Christian Life Coach Training Course And Certification

Christian life coach training equips you to coach effectively and it helps you to experience breakthroughs and transformation in your own life too.

Our life coach training is for people who want to access Christian life coaching training with a Biblical perspective.

What Makes This Christian Life Coach Training Unique?

Our Christian life coach training is affordable, practical, Biblical and it’s easily accessible wherever in the world you live.

The training focuses on coaching around values, purpose and renewed thinking, and offers systematic training as a professional life coach from a Breakthrough Perspective

You will be treated like family in a stress-free and cordial environment. You will also have access to training and support after you complete the program

What Is Included In Our Christian Life Coach Training?

  • 10 Weeks of Live Online Training with an experienced coach
  • The opportunity to experience being coached and practice coaching with a buddy coach
  • Access to extremely helpful videos, audios, worksheets, and coaching assessments
  • Customizable forms, agreements, worksheets, and other necessary documents
  • Access to practice building and marketing materials to help you get your coaching business up and running
  • Certification as a Life Breakthrough Coach™ (Upon Successful Completion)
  • Designation as a Certified Bibllical Life Coach™ (Optional Credential)
  • Lifetime Membership in the Biblical Coaching Alliance™ Coaches Network
  • Life Breakthrough Academy Biblical Coaching Alliance Directory Listings

4 Bonus classes

  •  5 Big mistakes new coaches make when setting up their coaching practice and how to avoid them
  •  Coaching Website Mistakes To Avoid
  •  How to Get Started With Coaching
  •  How To Get More Coaching Clients

Life Breakthrough Coaching Curriculum

  • Introduction to Christian Life Coaching
  • Powerful Life Coaching Techniques
  • Coaching Module: Identity & Position
  • Coaching Module: Motivators & Values
  • Coaching Module: Purpose & Dreams
  • Coaching Module: Mindset & Emotions
  • Coaching Module: Obstacles & Habits
  • Coaching Module: Choices & Changes
  • Coaching Module: Goals & Strategy
  • Realistic Coaching Teaching Scenarios
  • Practice Building & Coach Marketing

Christian Marriage Coach Curriculum

  • Introduction to Christian Marriage Coaching
  • Powerful Marriage Coaching Techniques
  • Coaching Module: Assessing the Marriage
  • Coaching Module: Relationship Obstacles
  • Coaching Module: Couple Crisis Control
  • Coaching Module: Relationship Builders
  • Coaching Module: Marriage Talk
  • Coaching Module: The Marriage Mindset
  • Realistic Coaching Teaching Scenarios
  • Practice Building & Coach Marketing

Life Breakthrough Coaching Toolkit

Coaching Tools

  • Initial Client Intake Form
  • Coaching Client Agreement
  • Personal Identity Worksheet
  • Life Motivators Worksheet
  • Priority Values Worksheet
  • Purpose & Dreams Worksheet
  • Mindset & Life Lies Worksheet
  • Obstacles & Habits Worksheet
  • Strategies & Goals Worksheet

The weekly training takes place online by teleconference.

What graduates have to say

“I knew that coaching was about getting from where you are to where you want to be. What I didn’t know was that this course would take me from a place of very little knowledge about coaching to a whole new world of breakthrough for myself and others!!

I loved this course and I love coaching!! I especially love the way that as a result God is beginning to use me to partner with Him to see lives transformed. It is so powerful!

While I will always be growing as a coach, this course has been an inspirational foundation and launchpad to give me a flying start! I cannot believe how much we have covered in 10 weeks but I have felt supported every step of the way.

Although fast paced it is an exciting and exhilarating journey! It has left me feeling passionate about developing into the best coach that I can be and I am very grateful!” Andrea

“For two years I searched for an affordable life coaching program that possessed depth and quality. After much research and interviewing of schools I came across Life Breakthrough Academy…

As a graduate of the program I must say that this far exceeded my expectations. The training is professional, the learning practical, and the instructors make sure you become a top quality Life Coach. I am glad I waited; God could not have planned it any better than this.” – David

“I originally decided to take it to motivate me to get going with my coaching, but was pleasantly surprised at all the valuable information that I received. The course is wonderful. You should be proud for putting it together. I am not just saying this, but I received more value from this than from my first certification at about 1/4 of the cost.” – Connie

“Whether you are a coach or not, this training series will help you with your day to day living. If you are a coach, you’ll get the added value of some great tools and insight that you can use with your clients.” – Dr. Jerry Graham, Coach & Trainer

What’s My Investment?

GROUP Training Rate: £550 ($850)

You have the option of paying in British pounds or in American dollars. You can either make 1 payment of £550 ($850) or make 3 monthly payments of £190 ($290) If you need to negotiate a different payment schedule please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

SOLO training RATE: £1100 ($1699)

You can make 1 payment of £1100 ($1699) or make 3 monthly payments of £370 ($570)

Please select your payment option from the drop-down menus below, make your payment, and do be sure to remember to complete your registration information so we can get you started as soon as possible! Lynne Lee

I’m really looking forward to getting to know you and help equip you to effectively coach people to breakthrough.
Payment In British £

Click on this link to begin your journey to Become a Christian Life Coach Today

If you would like to speak with Lynne before registering your place please send her an email with the subject line Christian Life Coach Training giving her details of when you are available to talk. lynne at lynnelee dot com

Alternatively you can call Lynne on 01332 343135

We offer marriage coach training too, it builds on the foundation of the basic training and equips to coach relationships. You’ll find the details here Marriage Coach Training