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– Pastor David, USA

“This training was fantastic! Not only did I become equipped to coach others, but also worked on thinking through my own values, uniqueness, life purpose, etc.” – Jana, USA

“Daryl and Janet have created a comprehensive training and certification process that I have found to be beneficial personally and professionally. With all the coaching certification programs out there how blessed I was to find two caring people with Bibilical principals as their foundation.” – Tammy, USA

“I originally decided to take it to motivate me to get going with my coaching, but was pleasantly surprised at all the valuable information that I received. The course is wonderful. You should be proud for putting it together. I am not just saying this, but I received more value from this than from my first certification at about 1/4 of the cost. So THANK YOU!!” – Connie, USA

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“This is a Life Coach training that has profoundly impacted my own life! Although I was already a Certified Coach, the adding of the Biblical foundation and Christian values has empowered me to become all that God wants me to be in my profession! I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to make a lasting difference in the lives he serves!” – Renato, Italy

“Whether you’re a coach or not, this series will help you with your day to day living. If you’re a coach, you’ll get the added value of some great tools and insight that you can use with your clients. Don’t miss this series!” – Dr. Jerry, USA

“For anyone considering taking this course, I HIGHLY recommend it for the advancement of others and yourself.” – Christine, USA

“Thank you very much for this exellent Life Breakthrough Training Course. I did a lot of studies, researches and trainings in my Life! THIS is exceptional! Here I experience Jesus` Love and commitment for a better world, for people be healed, to support them to find their way in more freedom.” – Dr. Sybilla, Switzerland

“I must say that I really enjoyed this course and that it is a very valuable tool for me. Previous to this course I took a secular Life Coach course that helped me grasp a bit of the principles of coaching, but I must say that Christian Life Coaching is much more in line with my way of thinking as a Christian, and that here I learned much more. Also the clarity of the lessons imparted was very good.” – Gloria, Spain

“Thank you for another inspiring Breakthrough Coach Training session. You and this course are having a profound and positive impact on me and my thinking. This is definitely your gift, passion, and God-given assignment.” – Dr. Joseph, USA

“I want to thank you so much for the beautiful and uplifting course I just attended. While you were explaining the different steps for coaching, I started to apply them to myself and I found answers for MY life. It’s exciting and thrilling and I highly recommend this course to as many people as possibly, whether they want become coaches or not, as it will make a difference in their life.” – Patrizia, Italy

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“I looked into other Life Coach training, but the big difference to me seemed to be the level of commitment of the trainers to the profession. It was obvious that some training programs are only interested in getting a fee, having you fulfill a minimum number of hours and then giving you a certificate. Life Breakthrough Academy is much different. They take a personal interest in you and your future clients. They make sure you will be an effective Coach before they will allow you to graduate from the program. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for Bible-based Life Coach training.” – Jerry, USA