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10 good reasons to buy this theme

10 good reasons to buy this theme

1- Online visual composer theme Use this easy to use online visual composer theme to build a site for your business or your client ’s business. Building a site has never been easier, use the Templatic QuickEdit platform to build a great looking business website in almost no time. 2- Use for any type of […]

Helping you focus on your business

Helping you focus on your business

Create your website quickly with the responsive iBusiness theme so you can concentrate on running your business. This modern looking and elegant business theme uses our QuickEdit system to help you get the theme to look how you like it before buying it. With iBusiness, you can use the online visual composer to arrange the […]

Visual composer business theme

Create an awesome website for your business with Templatic’s QuickEdit. The iBusiness theme uses our point & click editor system to enable you to build your site in a very short space of time. iBusiness has been designed to give you total freedom with the various tools in its visual composer. Quickly change colors, fonts, […]